...a busy week

Had an absolutely mad week this week. The last 7 days have been great, but now I'm exhausted !

On Monday I got the news that I will be supporting both Noah (16th of May) in Nottingham, and the amazing JACOB BANKS (30th of May) in London. Head over to the 'gigs' tab for more details.

On Tuesday I played at a Russian birthday party. A very memorable experience to say the least! Met some lovely people. Looking forward to Steph's birthday next month. 

Wednesday I got to do some cool stuff with my Parliament hat on, and sat in the Royal Gallery to watch the Queen & co do their thang. Thanks to my boss for getting tickets!

Thursday I  played a gig in Angel, for Balcony TV, alongside Kal Lavelle. I've been a fan of Kal since December when I saw her live at the Bedford. She's a songwriter I really respect, so it was amazing playing alongside her. Go check her out!

Saturday, STUDIO. Ahhhhh how I've missed studio. I've *missed* studio. Myself, The Confect, and Nick Brewer got together in one room and made some magic. We've got so much music behind closed doors it's mad. I got to use my wah wah pedal on a track - very happy about that.

Sunday, Kal invited me to play at her night at The World's End #WeLoveSundays. It was a great vibe, and there was free yorkshire puddings. Very enjoyable gig. Perfect way to end the week.

Lastly, I was featured in MUSIC WEEK this week !!!!!

'til next time, joel xx


Supporting Noah & Dot To Dot

Oliver Conquest, Shoreditch | Pixie Lott