Out Of The Two 

Chords - C D Em G


I never really understood you anyway

Maybe it really is best we went our separate ways

But my soul and my spirit are in separate lanes

I guess love is only good until it separates  

You always said that we happened too soon but

Who know that, true love never waits

Never takes but we always took

Love is blind but we always looked

But now you're tell me that someone's took your brakes off

...And how you've moved on all over the burdens that he takes off

Maybe I'll just take off, cus this bear trap you've just snapped

Ain't all that easy to shake off

I still see me in you though, 

Maybe you still see me in you so, 

I'm coming round out of the blue, asking who you'd choose out of the two


I wanna know no I don't

I will break down no I won't

Just tell me who you'd choose

I will not put up a fight

Come clean if just for the night

And tell me who you'd choose, Out Of The Two


See I always thought you were somewhere between Kings

Cross and Old Street maybe I was seeing things

I guess I was wrong about you after all, 

I really should've known when you said I was after more

Than you're black and blue heart could ever offer out

I still keep our receipts whilst you're shopping round

I should be off and out, but I can't let you go

And now you're calling to let me know

That someone's took your breaks off....