I guess it's me and you,  

for forever and a day yeah we'll see it through

And what you see in me 's the same as I see in you

Yeah we're the only ones that we're seeing to, 

And I ain't going nowhere yeah I ain't leaving you, 

So tell me where you wanna go cus I'll be leading you

My heart beats for you I hope you hear it too, 

And everytime I'm far away I wish I was nearer to, 

Whereever you are my...

 [pre chorus]

...darling, I see them clouds in the sky yeah they're parting, 

I feel something in my chest yeah it's, starting up,  

and yeah those stars are up in the sky, so tell me what you wanna do tonight


Oh I feel it now, the weight of the world couldn't bring me down

Singing Oh I feel it now, standing on roof tops I'ma shout it out

Well it used to be heart ache and tears, but that was before you rolled away my fears, 

And no I don't miss the pain, cus loving you darling (is) like a kiss in the rain


I guess it's you and me, 

And I don't really think you know what you do to me, 

Yeah I would never lie, no I tell you truthfully, 

The best thing that ever happened was you choosing me, 

I really mean it...

[Pre Chorus] 



Love can be a hard to thing to fall in

But you make it easy with your texts in the morning

I be sending back colons and brackets, before I'm even out of my blankets

And we be leaving footsteps, where the waves and sand meet, 

Walking all day until the sun and the land meet, 

You understand me, yeah you're the only one, that's why you're my only one... 

[Pre Chorus]